Thursday, 8 March 2012

DorsetChefs; By Way of Introduction

There are moments in our glorious tapestry of History when key events unfold and become the stuff of legend and folklore, enriching our understanding and knowledge of our part in the evolution of the world.

This, dear people, is not one of them.

However, it is still something pretty exciting and worth creating a blogspot for, a place where we can share our experiences, thoughts and opinions with just about anyone who cares to take the time out to read along.

Who are we? As the name suggests, we are Dorset Chefs,who get together regularly to talk shop, discuss all things business and enjoy each other's company over a meal cooked at our places of work. Out of the six in the group there are four Dorset based Chefs, one Somerset based Chef and a producer of ingredients which does lend some confusion to the proceedings. The producer has a long running food based working background and can cook just as well as a lot of Chefs and as for the over-the-border Chef, he is soon to be working within our beautiful Culinary enriched County.

The Individuals are:

Russell Brown, Chef-Proprietor of Sienna Restaurant, Dorchester, Dorset. 

Jean-Paul De Ronne, Currently Head Chef at The Prince of Wales Ham Hill, Somerset.

Mat Follas, Chef-Proprietor of The Wild Garlic, Beaminster, Dorset.

Mark Hammick, Chef-Owner of The Gaggle of Geese, Buckland Newton, Dorset.

David Mason, Producer Proprietor of Global Harvest Ltd

Brett Sutton, Executive Chef, The Eastbury Hotel & The Three Wishes Cafe/Bistro, Sherborne, Dorset.

We are already getting communications from people inviting us to take part in demo's, interviews, publications and the like, which is all very exciting. And on top of this, we are planning our own events and extra curricular activities throughout this year and the next.

This site will be the perfect place for you to follow what we have done, what we are currently doing and what is coming up in the future, alongside how and where you might be able to join us and even get involved. There will also be posts done by the individuals, containing recipes, videos, general insights and personal points of view on the food industry.

So, sign up and follow our blog to receive information and stay in the loop with all that we do.

We are also on Twitter, collectively as @DorsetChefs

                              and individually as: @SiennaDorset (Russell)
                                                           @somersetchef (Jean-Paul)
                                                           @MatKiwi (Mat)
                                                           @markhammick (Mark)
                                                           @Globalharvest01 (David)
                                                           @foragingchef (Brett)

Dorset is a fantastic County for all things Food, and we aim to highlight just why.

Enjoy the journey.

Jean-Paul, on behalf of DorsetChefs